Jul 13

A Plan To Build A New Dormitory

Meet Felix. He’s one of 30-odd from St-Claire’s Orphanage who study at St-Francis Academy. Felix is also one of the best students in the entire school. He’s skipped a grade and we expect that he might skip another.

Some of the orphans studying at St. Francis’ though are sick. Some have ringworm or even HIV. Others simply have younger siblings at still at the orphanage and could use help from their older brothers and sisters.

Since St-Francis Academy is a boarding school, it’s difficult for people at St-Claire’s Orphanage to provide daily care for these orphans but unfortunately, since St-Claire’s is overcrowded as it is, they have to attend boarding school.

The Tumaini Children’s Project hopes to build a new dormitory soon so that the orphans studying at St Francis’ can return and attend local schools. This way, kids like Felix can receive more adequate care and needed medical attention.

We need about $10 000 more to build a new dormitory on top of what’s already been raised. This might seem like a lot of money to some but when free education is available closer to the orphanage a new dormitory is really the best long-term solution for these kids.

If you think this is a worthwhile project, I think the two biggest things you can do to help are to make a contribution to the Tumaini Children’s Project and to also just tell others about what’s going on here.

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