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The Tumaini Childrenʼs Project (TCP) is an international youth-focused, non-profit (charitable) organization that provides hope and opportunity to orphaned Kenyan children affected by HIV/AIDS by caring for them, educating them and implementing sustainable development projects.

Tumaini means “hope” in Swahili, Kenya’s national language. In 2006, we began working in the town of Kisumu, providing financial support to two locally-run AIDS orphanages by purchasing food and clothing; paying school fees; and helping to cover the immediate bills like rent and water.

In the last few years, our role has evolved into a two-pronged approach: while we continue to provide funds to educate children, we also design and fund small projects that allow orphans in other regions of Western Kenya to continue their education or acquire much needed job skills. Young Canadians design and implement projects based on our local partners’ development needs. All funds raised during the course of our projects go back to the community.


TCP’s goal is to provide measurable changes in small but significant ways. Through TCP, Kenyan children have the opportunity to grow, and become contributing members of their communities.

The Tumaini Children’s Project (TCP) recognizes that privilege or poverty, health or illness, are not the only determinants of well-being. We feel that beyond all else, hope differentiates surviving from thriving.

To provide hope and opportunity to orphaned Kenyan children, many of whom have been affected by HIV/AIDS, by meeting their basic needs, keeping them in school, and engaging them in projects, developed and implemented by Canadian youth, which combine sustainable development and positive social change.

Our vision is of children and youth, from Canada and Africa, directly engaging and realizing the power of their potential to help achieve positive social change and sustainable development.

From Inspiration To Reality

War and disease do not discriminate. Some of the world’s children face the devastating consequences of these events everyday. It is disheartening to imagine such a life and empowering to know you can make a difference. We are inspired by and seek to make a difference to the children of Kenya in small, measurable ways that allow for the charting of growth, learning, and of hope. Our goal is to provide measurable changes in small but significant ways. Through TCP, Kenyan children have the opportunity to grow, and become contributing members of their communities.

We offer young Canadians and others a chance to make a difference in the life of a child. Tumaini initiates change through hope: the hope of improving one life at a time. By making one small difference, we are changing the world.

Tumaini has helped the children realize that they can accomplish things and have control over their own destinies regardless of the fact that they are orphaned. As well, Tumaini has helped young Canadians realize just how much they actually can contribute to the global community.

Julie Hakim, TCP Founder & Director

Governance & Staff


Tumaini Children’s Project is made up of a dedicated and knowledgeable team, consisting solely of volunteers. This means that none of your donation/sponsorship dollars are put towards administrative fees. Our Executive Members and staff make it possible for TCP to do its work in the most efficient and impactful way possible. Our gratitude goes to all those who support TCP with their knowledge, experience and time.


Dr. Julie Hakim

Founder & Director
During her second year in medical school at the University of Ottawa, Julie founded a youth-run registered international charitable organization, The Tumaini Children's Project (TCP). Since 2006, TCP has brightened the lives of over 200 AIDS orphans in Kenya, raising over to $200,000 and conducting three successful youth-led projects. Julie is also a passionate triathlete who plans to compete in the 2015 Subaru Half IRONMAN in Mont-Tremblant, QC. Having graduated from medical school and completed a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Ottawa, she is currently completing a 2 year sub-specialty fellowship in Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX.Email

Wendy Muckle

Field Manager
In addition to her work in health & homelessness, Wendy has been working in Kenya since 2001. She travels to Kenya 3-4 times per year & provides the on the ground support there for the TCP children- paying school fees, helping with shopping, visiting schools, & spending time with children & their teachers- while working with the Kenyan TCP team to ensure that all the needs of the children are addressed in a culturally appropriate manner. Wendy is also a member of Asembo Bay Women for Development, which works collaboratively with TCP & cares for 200 primary school & 72 secondary or post-secondary school children. Wendy is extremely grateful for the generosity of the TCP & Hera donors in Canada.Email

Francesca McConnell

Sponsor Liaison Officer & Administrator
Born in the Philippines but raised in Ottawa, Francesca brings a certain understanding to the Tumaini Children’s Project. Her degree in Criminology enables her to contribute to positive change as a federal public servant. It is her passion for the well-being of children and her support for youth empowerment that has lead her to TCP. Through her volunteer work, she hopes to be an inspiration and leader not only to her daughter but to others, young and old. On her spare time, Francesca likes to travel, scrapbook and strives to live an active lifestyle.Email

The Honourable Stephen Kadera

Country Director
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John Michael Otieno

Community Health Work
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Michelle Kania

Executive Director
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