Jun 13

Featured Student: Blaise Ochieng

A few years ago, we reached out to the Tumaini Children’s Project (TCP) community to seek support for one of our boys, Blaise Ochieng. Blaise was showing tremendous intellectual capacity and so we transferred him to a more competitive primary school. We also encouraged him to study hard to achieve the highest mark possible in his primary school exit exam, promising to send him to one of the best high schools in Nairobi, Kenya. Blaise delivered on his exams and has been attending Kanga Boy High School.

TCP’s support has markedly changed Blaise’s path. Without TCP, Blaise would be living on the street, trying to find enough to eat and survive another day. Best case scenario, he would find menial work, carrying huge jugs of water for hotels, selling eggs or trinkets or hustling at the local bus depot. He might scrounge up enough money to buy a boda boda (a bicycle taxi) but quite frankly, even buying a used one speed old bike is out of the reach of most orphans. Worst case scenario, he would have gotten involved with street boys, spending his time sniffing glue and hustling tourists for food and money. Every day, he would face the threat of being beating, robbed or assaulted.

Instead, Blaise enjoys Physics and Maths and aspires to be an engineer. With continued support, this intelligent and good kid spends his time studying and playing soccer instead of hustling in the streets.

Recognizing Blaise’s potential and seeing his commitment to his education, we are seeking a sponsor to provide financial but also emotional support. Letters, photos, and videos received from a sponsor communicate a belief in the child’s ability to pull themselves out of a cycle of poverty. They let the child know someone out there believes in them, in their future and their dreams.

Please help us find a sponsor for Blaise. If you are interested or if you know someone who might be, please contact us.

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