Dec 11

Happy Holidays!

The Holidays are fast approaching. A long awaited Festive Season for many individuals. It is often associated with happiness, celebrations, gift-giving, parties and, most importantly, the gathering of families and friends.

A week ago, we launched our 2014 Holiday Drive to give the gift of water to our young scholars. We aimed to raise $600 dollars, approximately 47,400 Kenya Shillings, to put towards the purchase of a second water tank at Vision School in Kisumu Kenya. These tanks allow for easier harvesting of rain water. They also reduce water borne diseases by serving as treatment units.

Our growing community and donors supported us yet again! We surpassed our goal in five days! To have included the gift of clean water speaks not only to our donors’ generosity, but also to their sense of social responsibility.

The importance of water cannot be overstated, nor can the impact we can have on these children’s lives. In having supported our Holiday Drive, our donors have extended their family’s reach internationally during this festive season. They’ve contributed to boosting our children’s health and confidence.

Please note, we will soon launch our New Year’s campaign to raise funds for school fees for three of our new high school students. Check in for details!

Oct 17

2014 TCP Fundraiser

On October 15th, The Tumaini Children’s Project held their annual joint fundraiser in support of the children in our program.

A few elements from that night left me feeling inspired. Some of our TCP volunteers took time off of work, away from their significant others and their children, and in the case of two of them, traveled from Toronto to spend a couple of days not only on the fundraiser but on TCP work. Despite long hours and a late night, their energy and enthusiasm was contagious.

At the event, as I watched the crowd savouring the food, clinking glasses with the Ottawa REDBLACKS quarterback, Henry Burris, and compete for bids at the silent auction, I pictured our TCP kids studying, playing, and whispering to each other from their beds before falling asleep. I imagined them doing what they can now do because we have sponsors and donors.

Speaking of our sponsors, the event’s highlight for me was meeting the sponsors of Anthony Ooyoo. This young, beautiful couple exude warmth and care, and are representative of our community of sponsors and donors.

Finally, once home, I crawled into bed where my two year old now insists on sleeping. She tossed around a bit until her hand found mine. Our TCP kids may not have a mother’s hand to find in the dark but they have several hands within their community, their school, and TCP’s donors and sponsors.

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