Aug 21

The World Youth Congress

I must say, it was an incredible privilege to take Piga Picha to the World Youth Congress in Quebec. With a warm atmosphere of enthusiasm the 500 delegates from 120 different countries set up exhibitions, gave workshops, participated in international dialogues, and went on the World Youth Walk.

The photographs by the children were exhibited all week and it was wonderful to stand along side and answer questions and give more information about the project and the children at St. Clares.  Later in the week Julie and I gave a workshop outlining the project with the hope of helping delegates create similar projects in their own or other countries.  There was a lot of enthusiasm about the project, and it was a great opportunity to discuss it with an international group.
All in all it was a truly inspiring experience.  The congress had an air of hope around it (and after all, “Tumaini” means hope!)  It was wonderful to meet other delegates working and living in Kisumu, to hear about other potential project ideas, and most of all to see the incredibly positive reaction to the photographs by the children.
All for now,