Owiti, Josephat

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Josephat Owiti

  • Age: 14
  • School: Vision School
  • Grade: 8
  • Career goal: Police Officer
  • About Josephat:
    Josephat joined the orphanage in September 2005. He is from Kisumu County and was born to Kamau Owiti and Lina Omari (both deceased). He is the 2nd born in the family of two. Josephat is HIV+ and is on ARVs. He is responding so well to the drugs. He’s now in standard 8 in Maseno Vision Academy. Josephat is working hard to achieve his goals on the final exam. His favorite subjects are Math, English and Science. Josephat loves making new friends, swimming and travelling. He dislikes gossiping. When he grows up, Josephat wants to be a policeman so he can protect small children. His health is good and he remains active both at school and in sports.
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