Expect the Unexpected

It constantly amazes me how children are free-thinkers.  How in moments they can do the unexpected, and then fall right back into line, and then do the unexpected all over again.  Last night’s curation session is proof.  Jenny, Paul, Catherine and I sat on our clay floor and looked through the children’s photographs as a collective.  We giggled, oohhhhed and awwwwed at the sheer creativity of the young minds we have the privilege of working with.

I would like to announce that the children at St.Clares have far exceeded expectations.  There is a show, and we are so incredibly proud of Marie Clare, Grace, Denis, Felix Ojuang, Felix Ormondi, Kevin, Mukwa, Josephat, Damacrine, Macerius, Blaise, Christopher, Lorine, Jacqueline, and Peter.

Today we get the rest of the film back from Saturday and tonight we will make our final decisions.  We will have a difficult just exhibiting 32 photos! There are so many more that are beautiful, and telling.  We look forward to coming home and sharing these photos with you.  In the mean time we are gearing up for the Block Party on Saturday.  There is a lot of work to be done this week, but I know as a team we will get it done with ease.  

All for now,

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