Jason Asembo Bay
Jul 11

New Computer

At day 4 in Asembo, I am thrilled to be back in this community full of familiar, friendly faces. We have been formally and informally introduced with enthusiasm so many times, with so many smiles, thanks and handshakes that I’ve long-since lost count. One new computer has arrived so far (which will bet setup tomorrow) and the Internet connection has been stabilized. The cellular service in the area seems to have been improved over the year, so things are actually fairly quick compared to last year (to put it in perspective, the cellular modem we’re using to provide Internet access to the resource centre is about as fast as a 56Kbps modem).

We’re about to hitch a ride with a friend of a friend into Kisumu (the city about 80KM North-East of Asembo) to sort out some supplies (technological and otherwise), and possibly meet with the children at St. Teresa’s or St. Francis tomorrow morning during the day before three of us head back to Asembo to get things in order at the Resource Centre.


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