Almost Time To Say Goodbye

Its almost time to say goodbye to the people of Kenya, just thinking about it makes me sad. I didnt except to get so attach so fast to the people, the lifestyle, and especially the food. My experience in Kisumu was incredible due to the great welcoming of the Novelty Guest House employees and the opened arms of the people of this town. Since the beginning of our feasibility work, I was surprise by the support of the local NGO’s and the Kenyans regarding our project. Each and one of them helped us achieving our own goals in a way or another. We met so many wonderful people (here are a few of them), from Wangu of Wangu Kanja Foundation, to Charles of UNICEF, to Harrison of IJUMA Foundation, to Georges of Omega Foundation, to Gabriel of SULWE and to the incredible story of Pal-omega community group. They helped us going further with our work but teach us great life lessons that we will remember as well. Also, a huge thanks to the Novelty Guest House, my second home like I call it now. All the employees made our experience even better by there warm welcome and there hearty kindness. Furthermore, what can I say about the local food? I really eaten very very well in Kenya. Tilapia, suma wiki, chapati and ugali were delicious almost daily . I even had the chance to learn how to bake some Chapatis!!! So far, Kisumu has been so great to me, but I’m certain that Asembo Bay will be the same.


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