Child Peeking
Jul 29

Asante sana sana!

I cannot believe that our time here in Kisumu and Asembo Bay is almost done; it has gone by so fast. Looking back, I realize that I have leant a lot and grown as a person. Amongst other things, I will take with me the pure joy seen in the children’s eyes, the sense of community, the kindness and the hospitality of the Kenyan people. I realize that what they have given me far surpasses what I can ever give in return; though this saddens me deeply, I am eternally grateful. Warm thanks to everyone who helped us with our projects,the list is endless. However, it would have been impossible without Steve and Emily in Kisumu and Bertha and family in Asembo Bay. I offer my sincere thanks and would love to see you again. I never imagined that I would dread the day when I would have to return home, I simply love the place! I guess what they say is true, once you come to Africa, you will surely return. Asante sana sana!


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