Asembo Bay Resource Centre
Jul 6

One of the Most Amazing Days of My Life

Just had one of the most amazing days of my life. It started bright and early on a stuffy and bumpy matatu ride to Asembo Bay. Still, the 25 people sharing the transport couldn’t deter me from being mesmerized by the beauty of the scenery around; gorgeous mountains and rock formations. Kenya amazes me every single day. After a few hours, we are finally dropped off at the junction to the village, where we catch a windy motorbike ride to the computer center. My first impression of Asembo Bay is a low-key, small village, filled with friendly faces. A few curious kids follow us mzungus to Lake Victoria and are full of joy when I offer them my hand to hold. What wonderful smiles I get in return! It is then finally time to meet with the children present for the feeding day. At first they are shy and merely stare at us in wonderment, with little interaction. But how things can change in a short window of time! For over 2 hours, we serve rice and beans to over 200 kids. The “thank you” we get in return is indescribable with words, truly a moment to be lived! Singing and dancing, jumping around, all the shyness we saw previously has vanished. At one point, I think I have about 10 kids on each arm! I only speak a few words of Kiswahili and Luo but that doesn’t seem to really matter when you sing with them. These children are all smiles and laughter. The widows also warmly welcome us and offer their thanks and blessings. True Kenyan hospitality! I have never in my life felt sure gratitude when feeling that these emotions should be in reverse. I am overwhelmed by the moment and the tears of joy that I have been fighting off all day can no longer be retained. Having been able to be a part of this day truly makes me feel lucky. My sincere thanks to the Asembo Bay community, to the children and widows and to the Asembo Bay Women for Development group.


  1. Owinyo

    October 2020 - 2:55 am

    I grew up there. Tha’s home. More grease to your elbow.

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