Lesson One- Photography Basics

Yesterday we went to visit some of the older children at the Primary School they attend, and we gave our first lesson. It was such a pleasure to teach them. They are so excited to practice with the cameras eager to learn so that they could “piga picha”(take a picture). Here is the five finger memory lesson

1. Keep my fingers at the top of the camera.
2. Flash for inside the house, no flash for outside the house, the sun at my back.
3. Frame my photo
4. Stand one arm’s length back.
5. Piga Picha!

Here are Lorine, Christopher, Peter and Blaise shooting some of their first photos. My favourite moment yesterday was when Loriine ran up and took my hand. She told me, “I am happy today. I have never taken a photo before. This is a good day.” She clasped me hand tightly and then skipped away.

I cannot wait to develop the photos so that the children can see them.

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