Jul 12

Meet Byron

Vera, Givens, Byron and Mauren

A little man that has melted all of our hearts…

Byron is relatively new to St. Claire’s. He and his siblings (shown above) arrived here a few months ago from an IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camp. They were returned here to Kisumu as there are many Luo people here. He is often quite serious for a little toddler understandably given what he has seen. Bryon, his siblings and his mom survived as they slept in fields as they were escaping instead of houses (which were being burnt). He loves to be held and to listen to picture books. His mom is with Bryon’s older siblings trying to gather together money to re-create their life. No one has heard about/from his father since the post-election violence.

We’re really looking forward to these kids attending school next year. These are the faces of some of the kids who are in need of a dormitory. (The proceeds of our project are going towards building another dormitory for the increasing number of children at St. Claire’s).

– Joanna

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