Jul 16

Meet Sister Philomena of St. Claire’s Orphange.

Sister Philomena is one of the original founders of St. Claire’s Orphanage, which was started in 2005 with 8 children. The Orphanage now has just over 90 children -including 27 of the children who attend the primary boarding school.

Sister has an amazing, jovial, and loving spirit. She always greats us with a huge smile and has been very helpful towards our project and our stay here in Kisumu.

She loves the children very much and it is a joy to watch her interact with them. (I caught her skipping the other day!!) At the beginning of the project she sat in on a couple of our lessons to ensure the children were understanding our accents -as she put it. She is an outstanding teacher and was excellent in conveying the photography lessons…again a joy to watch!!

She is a very open, loving, and caring woman and her door is always open for a chat…it has been wonderful getting to know her.

Thank you for everything Sister Philomena!!

(As you can see from these photos -little Dan is always on by her side!!)

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