Summer 2014: New Website and Entry to High School

Dear Friends,

I first want to thank you on behalf of our kids, our board members and our volunteers for your donations and your sponsorship. Tumaini Children’s Project (TCP) is embarking on an exciting year made possible by your support.

TCP is currently supporting 41 children ranging from the ages of 4 to 15 years old. Out of these, eighteen benefit from the personal connection sponsorship enables. This connection serves as a powerful self-esteem boost, which goes a long way in providing our kids with motivation, hope and belief in their ability to secure a better future.

Speaking of a better future, six of our kids have the opportunity to enter high school in the coming months:

They need the emotional and financial support of a sponsor to enable their goals. Please consider sponsoring one of these kids or help us find a sponsor for them. Sponsorship not only ensures their access to a high school education but helps guarantee their way out of a cycle of poverty. Details on our sponsorship program can also be found here.

We’re also looking for a sponsor for Blaise Ochieng.You would have heard about Blaise a few years ago when his results secured him a spot in a top ranking high school. He has since been performing well both in class and on the school football team. Our latest blog entry is focussed on Blaise. Check it out here.

Speaking of our Website, we are excited to announce the launch of our re-designed space! We secured an incredibly skilled New Media Coordinator, Daniel Harbridge, who volunteered to apply his talents to our cause. Worth noting is a new format for our kids’ profiles. Please check us out at: www.tumainichildrensproject.ca. Also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Last but certainly not least, we recently visited our kids in Kenya and are happy to report they are healthy, happy and thriving. Some of our children who moved to Vision school had to adapt to much higher academic standards. We are pleased to report they are progressing. In fact, a few of our students are stand-outs not only in their school but in their district.

I want to convey how much the children appreciate your support and generosity. Orphans and vulnerable children face so many barriers to success. Not having to worry about school fees, not feeling hungry or worrying about getting a uniform or shoes frees them up to be children and to focus on academic success.

Dr. Julie Hakim
Founder and Executive Director, Tumaini Children’s Project

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