Jul 2

Play Time!

We’ve had lots of time to sing, dance, play games and do crafts at the orphanage. “What time is it Mr. Wolf?” is the current new favourite. The children are very patient and diligent during craft time – not a peep is heard while instructions are given and they clean up without any prompts! A teacher’s dream class. 🙂
My highlight is when the children break out into song as they are incredible singers and their repertoire is quite extensive. They have led us through many, many songs in Swahili and in English – all involve dancing! They sure can keep a beat! (Hopefully I’ll come back with some rhythm!)

James, not only talented at crafts, is a natural song leader. The other kids follow his lead as he transitions smoothly from one song to the next. Much to be learned from this amazing little teacher.

More play time updates to come! – Joanna

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