Project Update

Wow – I cannot believe how quickly our time here has gone. Today is my last day with the project… I do not know how I will say goodbye to the kids this afternoon. I’m excited for my students in Canada to correspond with the kids at St.Claire’s and to continue to do what I can from Canada to support the kids here. I look forward to seeing them again and hearing through Sister and Julie how they are all progressing. In such a short time, one can become so easily attached.

Catherine arrives tomorrow at 8:50am to sleep in my bed! The timing is perfect as the week will be quite busy and Catherine’s photography and curating skills will be essential.

The block party where we are celebrating the children’s photographs, art and stories is in 9 days! (Saturday July 26th). Members from the community who have supported St.Claire’s as well as family members of the children who are able and surrounding neighbours are invited to celebrate the children and our MC, who is HIV positive, will lead some discussions around HIV and its effects. There will be many games, lots of food, music and of course the children’s photos! All of the kids at the orphanage have contributed in some way — through murals, crafts, decorating the frames for the photos or taking the pictures. Everyone is quite excited about the party.

9 days! Lots to be done…

Today, Alyssa is off with Obeto getting the boards for the frames to be posted on. Paul is working on the Block Party Budget — we are hoping Celtel sponsors us (they will let us know today or tomorrow) and Jenny is busy labelling photos and deciphering which of her kids’ photos should be blown up for the show. I am tying up last minute details – trying to help prepare crafts for the remaining days and other little errands.

This afternoon we will all head to the primary school for the children’s second last time journaling. After our time at the primary school we’ll meet again with Obeto and Jops to discuss the Block Party budget and in addition continue to go through the many photos selecting what is best to be blown up for the Block Party and for the World Youth Congress in Quebec where Alyssa will be doing a workshop in August. Saturday will be the children’s last day to shoot.

much to do, I should sign off and get to work!

Thanks everyone for your support.

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