Oct 13

Summer Workshop Recap & World Youth Conference

Fall is in full swing and we’re planning some exhibits for 2010 but we’re here to quickly let you know about something rad we were up to this summer.

Paul was invited to teach a photography workshop to kids at the Jaku Konbit summer camp in Ottawa. It was essentially a mini-Piga Picha workshop where he taught kids (and a few keen adults!) some basics in expressing themselves with photography.

Here’s a pair of photos taken by the kids:

We’re all super impressed with the skills each participant showed after even one lesson. Hopefully they all continue practicing around their neighbourhood! This workshop really showed that with after taking several hundred photos taken on each one during workshops in Kenya, Toronto and Ottawa, some of our cameras are approaching the end of their lives. Lets see how much longer they last…

Here’s a photo of Paul teaching the workshop

Also, in August 2008, Alyssa was invited to make a presentation at the World Youth Congress in Québec City. Pretty huge. She met tonnes of wicked people there and had an awesome time. This conference was so soon after our trip to Kenya and everything was so so fresh. Something she just found though is a book that details all the projects featured at the World Youth Conference last year. What a neat thing to look back on. This is being distributed worldwide which is pretty amazing.

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