On The Ground And Running

Catherine here, Greetings!

After 2 days of travel, I landed in Kisumu this morning. It is 1pm, I have already visited the orphanage and played with the kids (actually they played with me. Apparently I’m a jungle-gym), I’ve been to the market to buy timber for our exhibition, I’ve visited our home, rode in a tuk-tuk and now am the Internet Cafe about to get a samosa. I feel like it should be dinner time now, or bed time. I’m exhausted!

While my experience here is new, I was happy to get here and find the project in full swing. Our living room has stacks of the kids’ pictures, the walls are covered in program ideas and kids’ profiles. The others are so immersed in this project, they can’t even see it anymore.

So, take it from me, it’s all very exciting.

Tomorrow is a huge photo day. I am teaching a workshop in the morning. The plan now is to do a seeing exercise with abstract pictures. Using patterns, colours, shadows, movement, blur, etc. to expand from how they are using the camera now. This is probably extremely overzealous and the kind of naive idea you laugh back on later, but it’s worth a shot!

We’ll let you know how it goes…

In the afternoon, we are going to write letters with the kids to Canadian students that wrote to them earlier. Very sweet.

Ciao for now,