Jenny Ferguson
Jul 16

Meet Sister Philomena of St. Claire’s Orphange.

Sister Philomena is one of the original founders of St. Claire’s Orphanage, which was started in 2005 with 8 children. The Orphanage now has just over 90 children -including 27 of the children who attend the primary boarding school.

Sister has an amazing, jovial, and loving spirit. She always greats us with a huge smile and has been very helpful towards our project and our stay here in Kisumu.

She loves the children very much and it is a joy to watch her interact with them. (I caught her skipping the other day!!) At the beginning of the project she sat in on a couple of our lessons to ensure the children were understanding our accents -as she put it. She is an outstanding teacher and was excellent in conveying the photography lessons…again a joy to watch!!

She is a very open, loving, and caring woman and her door is always open for a chat…it has been wonderful getting to know her.

Thank you for everything Sister Philomena!!

(As you can see from these photos -little Dan is always on by her side!!)

Jul 16

The Children’s Excitement of Seeing Their Photos!

One of my favorite parts of the project is when I get to watch the children in my group look at their photos from their previous shoots. The very first time they saw their photos developed was an incredible to experience for all. The excitement, happiness, and satisfaction has not wained. At least I don’t think it has by their reactions each time we bring back their developed photos -their entire faces glow, their eyes widen, and their smiles gleam.

Also there is no doubt or questioning that they know what images they have taken on their camera. Last session I mistakenly mixed up 2 of my children’s packs of photos -and they instantly corrected me saying that they were not the photos they took!

They are often so excited that they naturally start speaking in their mother tongue, I quickly ask them what they are saying so I can also understand how they are feeling in that moment.

Ok I admit it, this is my favorite moment of them all.

It is pure joy.

Eve of First ‘PIGA PICHA’ Lesson

June 27, 2008

So far meeting the 27 Pre-School Children at the St. Claire’s Orphanage has been an amazing experience for us all. The last 2 days I have been overwhelmed with so many emotions -that I am finding difficult to express.

At the moment, I am writing this on the eve of our first indrotuction to the Primary School Children and their first ‘PIGA PICHA’ lesson. We are all filled with so much excitement that we are finally at the stage of diving into our project, as well as curious of how this project with the children will go… I cannot wait to see how the children react to the camera and to see the images they create through their own eyes!

We will let you know how our first day goes!
Take care,