Kelsey Parsons
Aug 22

The Kenyan Shopping Experience

Colourful fabrics piled high. Large wooden tables covered in smoky meats and potent spices. Smiling faces welcoming the crowds. A trip to the market in Kenya is no ordinary shopping experience, but rather a journey into a space full of kinetic energy and every item you could possibly need. (See pictures below article)

Recently, the TCP team experienced that energy when shopping for the mattresses purchased from funds raised by our “$$$$ for Zzzz…” campaign, as well as a large water tank raised by the “Kentank for Vision School” campaign.

Generous donors contributed enough money to purchase 29 mattresses for the TCP kids. The large, colourful mattresses were piled on the roof of several vehicles, making an interesting spectacle weaving through busy streets. The team was also able to purchase other items needed by the children, including the large water tank needed to harvest additional rain from the roofs of the Vision School in Kisumu, Kenya.

The importance of these seemingly mundane items can’t be understated. TCP kids need proper sleep because it is incredibly important for memory and learning, and it is essential for a child’s well-being. Clean water is another crucial element of success, allowing the TCP kids to stay healthy.

Our team hopes to make more journeys to the market for other necessities in the near future, and you can help us reach that goal! Read more about our child sponsorship program.

Step 1: The Shoppers

The Shoppers Kenya

Grace, Mike and Moses prepare for a day of shopping.

Step 2: Go to the Bank

Going to the bank

Off to the bank to take out cash.

Cash withdrawal

Withdraw 220,000 Kenyan Shillings to pay for much needed mattresses, a water tank and other items (thanks to the generous donations of TCP supporters!!)

Step 3: Find the Right Store

Finding the right store

As is the case in any shopping trip, finding the right store with the proper selection for the best price is key.

Step 4: Prepare Items for Transportation

Preparing the water tank for transportation

This water tank is prepared easy installation once it arrives at its destination.

Step 5: Transport Purchases

Buying toilet paper

The back seat of the car is loaded up with toilet paper.

Mattresses in car

Mattresses are rolled up in the back of this hatchback.

Mattresses on top of car

Colourful mattresses are stacked on the car.

Mattresses on top of a van

More colourful mattresses piled high atop a white van.

Kentank loaded on truck

The water tank is loaded up for delivery.