St. Clair’s Orphanage

Our final rotation just happened and now Robin is now here in Kisumu spending time at St. Clair’s orphanage and will be visiting the kids at St. Francis for the first time this weekend. It was great reading storeybooks to the kids this morning and having them participate with the words and songs that they know, as well, reciting poems and demonstrating their “good manners”. We spent much of the morning with the babies at the orphanage who are under the age of 1 year old, Francisca (also known as piglet) who loves her head to be rubbed, Moses a very active vocal baby now that he is over his cold, Paul who is wide-eyed and at the same time a very old soul, and finally the oldest of the group Magdaline who has a very strong personality and preferences for someone so young. There are also many other kids at the orphanage that we have also gotten to know quite well and enjoy spending time with them, in particular are Imam, Marilyn, Helen, Jacob, Junior, Tracy, Paul, Victor among so many others. Our days in Kisumu have found a great rhythm where we are able to rest after spending time at the orphanage before venturing out into town to meet the many new Kenyan friends we have made or run errands. Overall the entire group so far has felt incredible warmth of Kenyan hospitality and are amazed that so many people not only take the time to say hi and notice us but to express care when we have been under the weather from the sun, food, or our days. Cheers to Kenya.


Asembo Bay Feeding Day
Jul 9

Feeding Day

We were in Asembo yesterday for the widows and orphans feeding day – it was really good and lots of dancing – including Kaedra who really broke it down, plus yummy african food (we all loved the tilapia the best) that we got to eat for the first time. Jason was greeted joyusly by everyone – like a heroic son back from the war. The women in particular really praised you and Wendy with many wishes to bring you both back to Asembo. The kids from the local primary school entertained us but it breaks your heart to see the holes and broken straps in the shoes of those who had shoes and the tattered clothing of all the kids and some of the widows. so far everyone has noticed that Kenyan smiles are beautiful – everyone we met immediately starts smiling to which you can’t help smiling back. I can’t wait till we go to the orphanage today and hopefully things will work out for us as they have so far. Josephine and Robin didn’t end paying any extra money for the bags of books and they are already at Asembo. I sent robin, hilary and jason to asembo and Josephine and I are in kisumu.


Nairobi is COLD

Nairobi is COLD!!!! Brrrr… well a lot colder than I expected (feels similar to early fall weather for us Canadians) especially after leaving the sweltering humidity of Toronto, but it is unbelievably full of colour with flowering trees, lush foliage and bright red dirt makes a spectacular background. The group has arrived in stages over the last two days and we have all been getting to know each other, and sharing our excitement about the upcoming projects over great hospitality that we are receiving at the guest house we are staying at. Everyone we met has been really friendly and helpful so much that you feel like you have arrived home!

We fly off to Kisumu today and began the work. That’s it from me,