Jul 16

The Children’s Excitement of Seeing Their Photos!

One of my favorite parts of the project is when I get to watch the children in my group look at their photos from their previous shoots. The very first time they saw their photos developed was an incredible to experience for all. The excitement, happiness, and satisfaction has not wained. At least I don’t think it has by their reactions each time we bring back their developed photos -their entire faces glow, their eyes widen, and their smiles gleam.

Also there is no doubt or questioning that they know what images they have taken on their camera. Last session I mistakenly mixed up 2 of my children’s packs of photos -and they instantly corrected me saying that they were not the photos they took!

They are often so excited that they naturally start speaking in their mother tongue, I quickly ask them what they are saying so I can also understand how they are feeling in that moment.

Ok I admit it, this is my favorite moment of them all.

It is pure joy.

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