Jul 2

“…these are my friends and I stay with them as one family.”

Lorine looking at her photos.

Peter writing in his journal.

Kevin Kangal’s journal.  It says, “I like foto because  these are my friends and I stay with them as one family.”  We teared up a bit when we read this…

Josephats journal.  It says, “I lal (like) this green grass.  I lal this class be cos it is good school.”

Christopher’s journal.  It says, I like this photo because “of this house and the boy which sits on the verhandah.”  This photo makes me feel “so happy.”

Felix Ojuang’s journal. It says “1. like this foto because these are my friends. 2. i like this foto because this is the best.”

Felix resting after finishing his roll of film.

A whole new set of film ready to get processed.


Yesterday was amazing. It was such a pleasure to see the children’s faces as they looked at their photography for the first time. What talent! Each child laid out their photos and their group looked them over. It was so fun to ask them their favourites and have them explain why. It gave us an opportunity to hear the stories, feelings, and reasons why they took their photographs. Each child picked their two favourites and glued them in their journals. After that they wrote responses to their photos, and then tore outside to shoot another roll.

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